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Our specialist Themed Cruises began in 2010 and we have enjoyed more than 30 Themed cruises with increasing success. Saga Shipping pronounced one Themed Cruise as their "...second best cruise ever." Since working alongside Cruise and Maritime Voyages we have enjoyed taking these themes to the next level with excellent customer feedback and a range of themes to make every cruise extra special:

Providing an extra attraction for groups and individuals, we offer shipping companies an opportunity to partner with us on our latest adventures:


TV Comedy Legends Cruise...

Our latest Themed Cruise features some of the most popular stars from classic TV series Dads Army, Allo Allo, Hi De Hi, You Rang M`Lord and It Ain't Half Hot Mum!

As recently featured in The Daily Express this historic first cruise was a huge success with Arthur Bostrom, Melvyn Hayes, Nikki Kelly, Frank Williams and Jeffrey Holland generating extra dedicated passengers, many of whom had never cruised before, alongside some of the best customer feed back ever seen on a cruise.


Comedy Cruise

Repeats of this cruise theme are now available featuring stars from many classic TV series of all time. Working alongside your Cruise Director we simply blend or replace the existing on board entertainment with our star names, offering all passengers high quality commercial entertainment and producing the whole package which includes cabaret, chat shows, quizzes, rarely seen film footage and opportunities for your passengers to meet and dine with their TV idols.

These themed cruises often sell-out offering passengers something new in a competitive market. Our simple financial structure is based on a small guarantee, against a sales commission and easily `bolts on` to an existing cruise, often increasing numbers on a slow-selling cruise without alienating existing passengers.

The TV Comedy Legends Cruise also has a dedicated source of marketing to TV appreciation societies and fan bases and the celebrity names creates unique nationwide press and media opportunities.



Gardening & Wildlife Cruise

Celebrating 80 years of TV Horticulture

Featuring the stars from many classic TV series, cruise passengers can indulge in their love of gardens and improve their knowledge of growing, garden wildlife and discover the best homemade recipes including elderflower champagne and nasturtium vodka! As the BBC celebrates 80 years of broadcasting agriculture, join the experts with their hilarious tales of horticulture on television, and our very own Gardeners Question Time as they celebrate the best of all things fun and floral!

Howie Watkins- BBCTV's Really Wild Show; Chris Baines- BBCTV's Countryfile, BBC Gardener’s World Magazine; Andy Hamillton; BBC`s Farming Today, Autumnwatch, and best-selling author.


Gardening Cruise


Pilgrimage Cruises

Relaxation for the Body * Stimulation for the Mind * Refreshment for the Spirit

As featured in Wednesday's Daily Express, our latest Themed Cruise celebrates the stars from the classic TV series Dads Army, Allo Allo, Hi De Hi, You Rang M`Lord and It Ain`t Half Hot Mum! for Cruise & Maritime Shipping.


christian cruises

Our eminent advisory team includes; Lord George Carey – Former Archbishop of Canterbury; Chris Gidney – Commercial Theatre Producer; David Warden Owen – Ships Captain with Cunard & Saga; Ernie Rae – Broadcaster and former Head of Religion BBC - Together this team provides all the on-board elements required to produce a successful, fulfilling and inspirational themed Easter themed cruise, with a high rate of returns. This Christian-based inspirational cruise has proved popular at any time of year.




Develop your conjuring skills and learn the hidden secrets behind some of the world’s most baffling tricks in this magical cruise. In the company of specialist professional magicians, some from London`s world-famous Magic Circle engage in the art of close-up, mind-reading, comedy magic and illusion with our lectures, demonstrations and gala shows. Magic for the hobbyist has never been more popular and with several TV series including Dynamo, Penn & Teller, Masked Magician and Derren Brown the subject continues to grow with millions of fans enjoying the art Image result for magiciansas an amateur. As a magician myself, with my father having been part of the exclusive Magic Circle, I have first-hand knowledge on this subject. Useful as an `out of season` cruise, it attracts a typically `non-cruise` audience, encourages a younger age demographic, and supplies substantial associated sales of magic merchandise. With the correct billing and line-up, this cruise also attracts professional magicians. There are several magic conventions across the UK each year, the largest in Blackpool every February which attracts 3,000 plus magicians over one weekend. A great addition Image result for magiciansto the theme cruises ticking several unique boxes.





THE UK`s number one swing band, FIVE STAR SWING are a unique combination of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists. “They Swing like crazy,” says BBC`s Sheila Tracy. In celebrating 100 years of Sinatra – Join Five Star Swing for a cruise celebrating the famous songs spanning Sinatra’s career from the Tommy Dorsey band to Hollywood plus Vegas’ “Rat Pack” to recordings with the Count Basie band… Swing ‘n’ Sinatra is a journey through the decades of this unforgettable genre, with the greatest singer of its time! Five Star Swing’s singers and multi-instrumentalists have appeared with TVs “Military Wives”, BBC “Children in Need”, Blackpool’s Tower Ballroom and TV’s “Strictly Dance Fever” contestants and it is a cruise that will really make you swing! (They have also created a Glen Miller; Blitz; 1940`s and James Bond evenings.)





Enjoy discovering the real value and heritage of your family heirlooms and antique collections in this cruise all about hidden treasures! Join the TV experts and personalities offering entertaining talks about their own experiences in the field, providing free valuations from your photos and videos, and sharing your love of all things antique.





Our tried and tested pantomime productions come fully produced with dazzling costumes and scenery, MD and music for the band, and can be supplemented with the on board dancers to help create quite a fun spectacle. Especially re-written for a cruise audience, the panto features a specialist cast and star name if required and is presented in two halves over two nights, complete with cliff hanger. It can be transferred across to your other ships during the Christmas period. After all, Christmas without Pantomime is like Turkey without stuffing!




Celebrity Names & Themed Activities:


A hallmark of all our Themed Cruises is that we is that we draw on highly respected performers, including international names who provide their commercial performances for all passengers, including those on the Christian Cruises, offering an extra draw and credibility for prospective themed passengers, and create their own marketing opportunities. Recent names on the Christian Cruises include: Barbara Dickson; Tim Vine; BBC Radio Two`s Janey Lee Grace; Sally Magnusson; Syd Little; Rhydian; Paul Jones; Don Maclean; Dana; Dad`s Army vicar Frank Williams; George Hamilton IV and BBCTV`s Pam Rhodes who offers her own version of the ever popular BBCTV Songs of Praise series which is one of the highlights of every cruise.


Variety Legends

From Palladium Memories to Liberace Live In Vegas and Memories of the Music Hall to Magic of the Minstrels!

Relive the Golden Era of variety as we whisk you on a special journey down musical memory lane. We relive some of the greatest stars that appeared at the London Palladium, enjoy the thrill of the piano with our Liberace show, remember those Kentucky Minstrels and their legendary TV series, and sing along to the Victorian era of the ever-popular Music Hall.

This theme caters for that unique and evergreen music which is not often represented on existing cruise shows but is still extremely popular with passengers. It can be offered as one combined show, several themed shows or an entire themed cruise. Each show is fully produced with principle performers and star names if required, stunning costumes and full score for the ships orchestra to play. We can use your existing production dancers for many of the routines. Why not offer your valued passengers a new experience with this musical nostalgia?




Spend an hour in the company of the greatest showman of all time in a musical and visual feast with plenty of laughs, dazzling spectacle and extravagant costumes. Featuring many of the tunes that made Mr Showmanship famous, this recreation of one of Liberace's most famous shows includes the remarkable jewellery and costumes under licence from his Las Vegas Museum Estate, and it always leaves the audience shouting for more.



paddadium memories

Celebrate the stars who have appeared at the London Palladium from Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra to Harry Secombe, and Tommy Cooper in our dazzling tribute to this world-famous theatre.


The Best of Musical Nostalgia


best of musical nostalgia

Featuring stars, original costumes and songs from the award winning George Mitchell Singers and the legendary stage and TV series. The unbeatable and timeless music includes over 60 evergreen favourites with a show bursting with the most popular musical medleys of all time. This, alongside the sing-a-long-a-songs that bring back many happy memories of the popular Good Old Days BBCTV series, including your `very own` Chairman. An unforgettable journey into TV`s musical nostalgia.



Working With You

Working alongside the ships Cruise Director we simply blend or replace the existing on board entertainment with our star names, offering all passengers high quality commercial entertainment. The star names then offer interviews and take part in other events on board and ashore appropriate to the theme and enhancing passenger experience. Our recent cruises sold out, and we are considering additional partnerships with travel companies and shipping agents to join us in expanding this marketplace. Our financial structure is based on a small agreed guarantee against a commission.

The Themed Cruises have proved to work well both as a bolt-on to an existing cruise or as a bespoke trip to a specialised destination. Cruises to South America, the Med, and around the UK have all proved popular and the bolt-on system is often a way of increasing numbers on a slow-selling cruise without alienating existing passengers.

Our partnerships with other cruise companies see us create the on-board themed itinery to attract new passengers whilst leaving the bookings, cruise practicalities and business side to the travel/cruise company. A dedicated booking code should be used to identify passengers on the themed cruise, but the star name entertainers would be available to all passengers, thereby saving funds on the cruise company's general entertainment budget.


Marketing Support:

We work to help promote each cruise. The Comedy Legends Cruise and the Gardening & Wildlife Cruise has a dedicated source of marketing to TV appreciation societies, fan bases and local societies. The Easter/Christian Cruise has a dedicated website and holds an extensive data base of previous and new passengers, church groups and organisations who are interested in joining future cruises. We also work alongside specialist travel agents & Press and we have found that the specific themes draw new passengers, many who would not otherwise consider doing a cruise. The marketing of the celebrity names creates unique nationwide press and media opportunities, and previous marketing campaigns have proved highly successful.


A Theme For You?

With cruises becoming ever popular, and passengers seeking an additional themed experience, this themed market grows year on year. Our specialist Themed Cruises enjoy increasing success.

As we are not a travel company, we enjoy the freedom of being able to work alongside different travel providers, focussing to produce an excellent cruise experience, aboard the best ships afloat, and for all passengers aboard. If you would like to discuss a possible future partnership cruise, please contact us at