Spend a few hours in the company of the greatest showman of all time, with his fabulous Musicians, Dancers and Singers.

A musical and visual feast, with plenty of laughs, dazzling spectacle and brilliant dance routines.

Liberace - Live From Las Vegas

With the usual high quality production values associated with That's Entertainment Productions, this show brings all of the glitz and glamour of Mr Showmanship to the stage, with a recreation of one of Liberace's fabulous Las Vegas cabaret evenings, which, as always, will also feature his fabulous Musicians, Dancers and Singers.

As you'd expect, Liberace will be wearing a whole range of extravagant costumes direct from Las Vegas, and of course, plenty of sparkly jewellery!
It promises to be a musical feast too, with all the numbers that made Liberace famous, as well as plenty of laughs, dazzling spectacle and amazing dance routines, to make sure the audience is left shouting for more.

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Some photos from the show
One with Dean Finale
In Concert Fred and Ginger
Have You Seen My Rings Liberace In Lilac
Liberace Winks The Fosse Dancers
Dean Martin Liberace At The Piano

Liberace Quotes:

"Why don't I just step out and slip into something more spectacular?"

"I didn't get dressed up like this to go unnoticed."

"This isn't the most outrageous of my wardrobe but it is the most expensive. Wanna know why? It's the buttons. They're real diamonds, but I couldn't come out here in just the diamonds!"

"The clothes attract attention. They get me newspaper headlines and interviews. They get me audiences."

"Nakedness makes us democratic, adornment makes us individuals."

"People need fantasy. I try to help them do this for a little while, to help them forget work and problems and enjoy, vicariously, a little folderol of fun, good music, and fancy dress. I give them a little recess from the humdrum."