A brand new Magic and Illusion Show for the Family!

Professor Nutty invites you on an exciting and mysterious journey of magic and illusion. Most of the time his experiments go wrong, and he needs your help to get him out of a muddle! Mostly you won't believe your eyes! Can you guess his secrets?

Professor Nutty poster

Join Mad Maureen, Naughty Nigel, Princess Poppy and Full supporting cast as they help Professor Nutty with his latest inventions on a magical, musical journey of fun and laughter.

The show is a rich mixture of comedy, magic and music and is perfect for children aged 5 to 10 years old. It has just completed its first UK tour and the response has been excellent from all of the children (and adults!!) who saw it.

This show is adaptable for your venue, from small and intimate cabaret style to large scale theatre. The unique essence of this show can be tailored to meet your requirements and your budget.

Also featuring Professor Nutty's Magic Shop,
in association with Davenports and Marvin's Magic.
Suppliers to the professionals.

Professor Nutty's Magic Shop
Just a few of the many kind remarks received during our October 2005 tour

From the audience...

"Cool!" - Jack, age 7, Luton
"It's the best magic show I've ever been to!" - Adam, age 8, Fareham
"Wonderful to see a proper show that every generation can enjoy together!" - A grandmother, age ????!!!, East Grinstead

From the theatre staff

At Fareham ... "We've really, really enjoyed it"
At Worthing ... "Please bring Professor Nutty back here next year"
At Potters Bar ... "Great to see a childrens' show that adults enjoy!"
At East Grinstead ... "It's always a pleasure when you bring one of your shows here!"

Luton Fire Alarm Entertainment

From the press following an eventful first performance in Luton ...
Professor Nutty is really smoking!

"Professor Nutty, the mad magician currently on tour with his family magic, illusion, music and dance show, found himself on the streets after a faulty smoke sensor in the Library Theatre, Luton set off the alarms and everyone evacuated while firemen checked the building. Within minutes of the very first show of his tour starting, the alarms sounded and everyone was directed outside the building to safety. However, Professor Nutty wasn't about to let that spoil the enjoyment of his young audience and carried on entertaining them on the steps of the library until the all clear was given and they were able to restart the show."

Professor Nutty and the Band

Some photographs from our Autumn 2005 Tour Featuring Charlie Casey, Jane Deane,
Ariadne Blakey
and Lorna Chappell
With Organist Michael Wooldridge and Percussionist Phil Solomon
Director Chris Gidney, Assistant Director Steve Fortune,
Musical Director Michael Wooldridge, Choreographer Claire Roberts

A Mis-Made Princess Poppy The Real Magic Princess Poppy
Ariadne Reach Grease
Can't Play Here Can I Help? Oooops
Knife Juggling I Belong To The Stars Knife On Chin
Zig Zag Card Illusion Unicycle balancing

Learn some of Professor Nutty`s Magical Secrets...a must for all budding conjurors!

Multiple photos from the show (B & W)


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